Why are we the best Dive Log?Choice

You are unique, so why should you settle for one size fits all?

Options as Standard

Built in to all our products are 5 main choices.

As standard you already have access to a number of options that help you get a more relevant dive log for your needs.

Three different page sizes, metric or imperial units, packs or books, design palettes, and paper choices.

Take it to the max

Our designers let you push the boundary of what is possible.

It is not by chance that our log designer appeared so soon after our start. It goes to the heart of our approach to giving you control over creating your bespoke dive log, made just for you.

Other designers have appeared as we have identified new opportunities to create special products, and more are in development.

When we do a designer we like to get it right, so there can be a large range of options!.

Relax and enjoy the freedom

We always check your choices if anything looks wrong.

We recognise that when we offer great choice we also accept the responsibility for making sure everything is OK with your order.

The website will try to help you spot common mistakes that will be instantly fixed.

But when your order comes in, a human takes over! We check every order for consistency and potential mistakes. We will always get in touch if we spot anything, and will not ship or produce until we are confident the order is correct.

We also do not ship and forget. If there are any issues, we urge you to get in touch and experience our approach to customer service.