Make it yoursDiveLogs Designers

Get under the hood!

Take control and use our Designers to create your perfect dive log system, made by us, just for you.

Create a Custom Dive Log, organise your binder with Tabbed Dividers, get a fun Dive Stamp, track everywhere you have dived, or mark your gear with Scubatags.

Custom Dive Logs

Go beyond our stock designs! With over 12 million possible combinations and extra designs and layout choices.

Simple and Intuitive

Just select and deselect options. Move sections up and down. Change layouts and print options.

Instant Previews

See exactly how your log book will look with instant previews and virtual simulations.

Fast, High Quality Production

We take 3 days to print, finish, and pack your log design on our high resolution digital press.

Your Perfect Design

Join the 10,000+ other divers who have a bespoke dive log system made just for them!

Bulk Buy Discounts

All log designer log packs and books are part of our automatic bulk buy discount system in the shopping cart. Discount is based on the total number of items in your cart (can be different designs).

Buy 5 and save 5%

Buy 10 and save 10%

Buy 20 and save 15%

Buy 50 and save 25%

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Buy 200 and save 40%

Tabbed Dividers

Organise your dive log and make it look awesome with a set of tabbed dividers, made in three days

Vibrant and Tough

Printed with bright UV inks directly onto flexible and tough die cut plastic

Easy visual design

Quickly modify our stock designs with instant preview. Fonts, colours, icons, text, and layouts are all changeable.

Log Book Stamps

Make an impression with your own log book stamp

Perfect Logos

Choose from one of our 300+ tagged logos or load up your own image.

The Best Designs

Get inspiration from our Log Book Stamp Hall of Fame - what could you come up with!

Laser Quality

All our stamps are Laser Engraved for the sharpest long lasting quality, year after year.

Keep track of everywhere you have ever dived or want to.

For Your Log Book

Create a stunning pull out special for your log book binder. Made by us in 3 days.

For Your Friends

Share your dive map on Facebook.

Free Online Dive Log

Dive maps are part of our free online dive log. With lots of extra features.


Get peace of mind - ScubaTag your gear.

Small and Tough

Indelibly Laser engraved with your design on exterior grade UV Stable plastic. Each tag comes with a stainless steel splt ring and coloured cable tie.

Quick and Easy Design

Start from one of our templates and modify text, fonts, logos, boxes. Simply drag things around.

Special Features

Leave your personal info off with our anonymous contact service and we'll reunite you with your gear if someone contacts us.

Add a sequential number to automatically get numbered sets.

Bulk Buy Discounts

Perfect for Clubs and Dive Shops who want to label their gear. Automatic discounts are applied in the shopping cart based on the total amount you buy (can be different designs)

Buy 10 and save 10%

Buy 20 and save 20%

Buy 50 and save 30%

Buy 100 and save 40%