Make it yoursScuba Dive Stamps

Since 2004, we have made thousands of quality Dive Stamps for scuba divers around the world, and every one is unique and special.

Perfect for dive instructors and dive centres, or as the ultimate personal gift for the scuba diver who has everything, they make signing a dive log book an event!

We have hundreds of funny and serious logos to help you create your perfect personal statement.

Only the best stamper quality

High quality Colop stampers in Pocket, Desk, and Pen versions

Before we even get to your design we start with the best stampers available. Colop have been making high quality stampers for decades and we know of stamps we have made 10 years ago still going strong.

Pocket stamps are the same great print quality as desk stampers but in a fraction of the size. Truly portable and perfect for recreational divers and instructors.

Auto stamps are fast to use. Perfect for dive centres.

Pen stamps contain a secret discrete stamp in the end of the pen. Always available at a moments notice.

All Colop stamps we sell are self inking with easy to replace ink pads, and they last and last for thousands of impressions using a water based ink.

Perfect Logos

Choose from one of our 300+ tagged logos or load up your own image.

We have lots of logos for dive stamps! Most are drawn by Simon Cooke and his well known cheeky clean line style are the perfect complement to your text.

We have a fast keyword tagging wizard to help you quickly find the best logo, or you can even load up your own.

The logo can drive a lot of the character in your final stamp so we always try to create the best design around it.

The Best Designs

Get inspiration from our Log Book Stamp Hall of Fame - what could you come up with!

We approach every stamp as an opportunity to create something special with your choice of text, font, layout, and logo.

If you are stuck for inspiration take a look at our gallery of past great designs.

We offer an uncoditional satisfaction guarantee on all our products and the dive stamps are no exception. Plus if you select the option to receive a proof, we will show you exactly how it will look before we make it.

Laser Quality

All our stamps are Laser Engraved for the sharpest long lasting quality, year after year.

We take 3 days to make your stamp, with an extra day if you use our proofing service.

We want your dive stamp to last for years to come so you can make an impression time after time.

After making you a great design, the only way we produce our stamps is on our 600dpi resolution laser engraver.

So you get pin sharp quality, year after year.