DiveLogsFish Identification

This is our online fish identification finder, that gives you quick access to the 600+ species we have details about.

Use one or more of the filter options to search for a particular type or characteristic of a species.

We also provide quick links to the different products that contain that species so you can take the details with you next time you dive or go on holiday.

Examples include fish identification log pages, plastic fish cards or slates, or even our new waterproof dive log pages you can take underwater.

How to use this fish finder!

1. Click on anything to make choices (e.g. the Size section could be used to show all species that are typically the size of a football).

2. Click on the search button to find the species, if you add more choices, you quickly narrow down the results.

3. Click on any species and see more information about them including distribution maps, water columns, and info icons.