Dive Log Page Sizes

Dive logs around the world come in many sizes and different ring patterns.

Here at DiveLogs all our logs come in a choice of three sizes that we call: 'Standard Binder', 'DiveLogs Binder', and 'Personal Organiser'.

In the next section we'll go into more detail about what these actually look like, and then at the end we'll try and list all the different binder systems we know about and show you which of our sizes will fit...

Standard Binder:

This size is by far the most common in the world. It historically comes from America which explains the 3 rings (very common in the US for filing). You will usually see this kind of page size in the PADI Adventure log system and the Red and Blue PADI log books. But also, any third party manufacturer or dive shop that sells their own 3-ring binder will follow this 3-ring format.

This is the largest sized log we do and is great if you write with a large hand or are looking for refills for your current standard 3-ring log binder.

DiveLogs Binder:

This is our own custom size. We created it to fit our own 6-ring compact DiveLogs binder.

Usually when you buy a log binder, you don't have anything to stop your pages getting damaged. So binder manufacturers make their binders big and bulky with lots of room to try and keep the pages fresh.

However, all our binders come with flexible but strong plastic page protectors that ensure your pages stay nice and flat. This meant we could make our binder nice and compact.

We chose the standard personal organiser 6 ring mechanism for 2 reasons: most smaller log pages use it (such as SSI) so we are compatible, and you can use third party personal organiser accessories that are good value for money.

Personal Organiser:

This is the standard personal organiser size used in all those organisers such as Filofax.

This is quite a specialised page size and is the one we sell the least of. Whilst it will fit our own DiveLogs binder it is not the optimum page size for it. Instead you should use the one above.

It is usually bought by people who live their lives from a personal organiser and want to keep their log book in it too, or by BSAC divers, who's binder is based on this page size and hole alignment.

It is also the only size we sell that will fit an existing SSI binder. The SSI page size is between this size and the DiveLogs size, so if you wish to keep on using your current SSI binder you need to use this, the smaller size.

Which size for me?

We hope this helps! Simply look down the following scenarios and see which one is closest to you. You chose the size when you add the log pack to your cart, just look out for the choices available.

I have a PADI / Standard 3-ring binder and just need some inserts.

You need our 'Standard Binder' size.

I have a PADI red or blue log book and want a similar binder system.

Our Standard binder will hold both your existing books and any new 3-ring inserts. For the new inserts you will need our 'Standard Binder' size.

I have a PADI red or blue log book / 3-ring binder system but want to downsize to a more compact binder.

Our DiveLogs binder is the best compromise for compactness and page size and when buying inserts you need our 'DiveLogs' size. But you need to think what you are going to do with your current history of dives if you need to show it when you next dive. Some people just take the old book with them for the next trip, others take the last few pages and cut them down to size or fold them and keep them in the new binder.

I have a compact DiveLogs 6-ring binder and just need some inserts.

You need our 'DiveLogs Binder' size.

I have one of the new BSAC binders and just need some inserts.

You need our 'Personal Organiser' size.

I have an SSI binder and just need some inserts.

You need our 'Personal Organiser' size.

I have an SSI binder but want to change to the DiveLogs Binder.

You need our 'DiveLogs Binder' size inserts to go with the DiveLogs binder and the added bonus is that your existing SSI pages will also fit.

I have a small IQ log book and need some inserts.

Sorry, the small 6-ring IQ log book (not to be confused with the standard 3-ring version that is also available) is a very small ring mechanism. It is smaller still than our personal organiser size so no logs we have will fit this binder.