Truk Lagoon Wreck Notes

Take Peter Collings expert knowledge about the most famous dive wrecks in Truk Lagoon with you on your next trip as special pages in your dive log.

This is a special set of dive log pages covering all the iconic wrecks in Truk Lagoon in the Federated state of Chuuk.

They contain a wealth of information on each wreck that comes from Peter Collings decades of experience of diving these wrecks.

Regarded by a lot of divers as the best wreck diving in the world, Truk lagoon contains some of the best preserved examples of well documented wrecks and in this collection Peter has picked the best of those on offer.

You have detailed scuba diving and historical knowledge on the wrecks such as the Fujikawa Maru, San Francisco Maru, and Shinkoku Maru. Alongside them are lesser known gems, all written up in fascinating detail.

This is the full list of 18 wrecks: Aikoku Maru, Amagisan Maru, Fujikawa Maru, Futagami, Gosei Maru, Hanakawa Maru, Heian Maru, Hoki Maru, Hoyo Maru, Kiyosumi Maru, Kensho Maru, Momokawa Maru, Nippo Maru, Sankisan Maru, San Francisco Maru, Seiko Maru, Shinkoku Maru, and the Shotan Maru.

This content is a specially edited and distilled extraction from Peter's famous series of e-books. Peter will not rest until he knows everything he can about a wreck, doing painstaking research in old records, and this shows in the historical notes that accompany each wreck.

Alongside the history is Peters dive notes from the many times he has dived them and his experience of getting the best from each wreck. As an avid photographer he also shares where the best shots can be found.

We print these on a special glossy card to really make the images pop and the details pin sharp.

The set contains 30 pages (15 sheets) and is available for 3-ring binders, our DiveLogs compact binder, and personal organiser / BSAC dive log binders. It has never been easier to take scuba wreck information with you when you are travelling or need a spontaneous quick reference.

Please visit this page: Info on page sizes for more details on page dimensions etc.

We also have a fully waterproof version that you can take on your next dive!

Also included alongside the wreck information is an index page of common information and an overview map of the wrecks locations.