Wet Notes Starter Packs

Dive Logs reusable wet notes binders are exclusively designed to hold our range of waterproof dive log refills. With a revolutionary reusable spiral binder, you can swap your pages quickly and easily.

A revolutionary new concept in fully waterproof underwater writing - this is our reusable wet notes binder system.

Designed to make it easy and quick for you to change and swap the contents of your underwater dive log, it includes a reusable spiral binder with a unique retaining system that is so novel we have written a patent!

It takes just seconds to release and unwind the spiral, then you can swap out pages from our range of waterproof dive log refills, and rebuild your wet notes, ready for your next dive.

Learn more about how this works here

This new system is designed to be modular, fully reusable, and configurable by you to meet your needs. This drives down waste and cost as you only buy what you need and use it time and again.

These starter packs get you up and running quickly with a prebuilt set of components and a special set of all our most common wet note page designs, all at a discounted price.

You just need to work out if you need a pencil or not, or want the extra durability of our thicker backing slate version...

We sell two versions of the backing slate - one with an integrated pencil and one without. And we have two thicknesses of the backing slate available - 3mm and 5mm.

The version with pencil is great if you want a compact waterproof underwater dive log and do not want to carry anything else during the dive.

The version without pencil can be used as a standalone reference system underwater. If you have an existing cordura wet note folder, you may instead be interested in our or with the inclusion of our Micro Wet Notes Slate, this can bring all the benefits of our reusable wet note system into your existing setup.

The 3mm backing slate option is stiff and robust and great for a lightweight system. If you want a stronger tougher version that can take a lot of abuse then consider the 5mm version.

Each starter pack comes with a range of features as standard:

- A selection of 10 waterproof dive log pages to get you started.

4 of the half page dive log (16 dives), 2 of the full page dive log (4 dives), 1 of the blank notes page (2 dives), 1 map page, 1 fish encounter page (2 dives), and 1 wreck explorer page (1 dive)

- A stiff cover page.

Made from 600 micron matt PVC to keep your pages safe during the dive.

- A reusable blue coil.

The 3mm version comes with the standard sized coil in blue, the 5mm version will be fitted with the high capacity sized coil in blue. They will both hold a maximum of 20 pages. More capacity or different coloured coils are also available.

- An integrated backing slate.

At the back is your choice of either a 3mm or 5mm dive slate which retains the coil and also has space for dive notes on the back.

- Bungee retainers.

Adjustable bungee cords can be moved to help retain your pages during the dive, mark a page position, or be moved out of the way to give you full access.

- A top lanyard hole.

The top coil retainer also doubles up as a lanyard hole if you wanted to attach the wet notes securely.

- An integrated pencil (in the pencil version).

A waterproof pencil, made from recycled plastic, so no swelling wood problems. Kept stowed away on a bungee loop and lanyard and easily replaceable with a new pencil by pulling out of the pencil cap.

If you would like to build your own wet notes binder without using our starter pack, you can put it together yourself from our: spare backing slates, spare reusable coils, spare front covers, and range of wet note refills.