Spare Wet Notes Back Slate

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3mm Backing Slate
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3mm Backing Slate and Pencil
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5mm Backing Slate
Delivery cost:
5mm Backing Slate and Pencil
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This is the wet notes base back slate without any spiral binder, front cover, or any starter pages.

If you want to build your own wet notes binder system with your own choice of spiral binder size or starting pages then use this as the starting point. To complete the binder you will need a spiral coil, plus we recommend a cover page and some page refills.

Each backing slate comes with the bungee retainers, and the pencil model includes the underwater pencil on it's lanyard.

The 3mm thickness is used in our standard wet notes binders - great for a lightweight setup.

The 5mm thickness is used in our heavy duty wet note binders - for extra tough setups.

If you plan to use your setup with an existing cordura cover, we recommend the version without pencil (assuming your current wet notes have pencils already), otherwise the slate may not fit well inside your folder

The height of the backing slates is 175mm (6.9 inches). The no pencil version is 105mm wide (4.1 inches), the pencil version is 115mm wide (4.5 inches).