Standard 3-Ring Scuba Dive Log Binder

A larger 3-ring version of our compact dive log binder. Soft shelled and lightweight - great for packing, with lots of features.

If you are not looking for a compact binder then we also sell a standard 3-ring dive log binder with a larger page size.

Made to the same high quality specifications as our smaller binder the extra space lets it have additional pockets for cards and pens.

Because we also include a set of integral page protectors to keep your log pages nice and flat, we can still make this binder more flexible and compact than typical black cordura versions. It has a width of 18cm (7 inches) and a height of 25cm (10 inches) with no wasted space. If you are buying this to home existing refills please check that they are close to our 3-ring page size of 203mm high by 140mm wide.

Available in a blue/grey model.

All our binders come with a range of standard features:

- water-resistant zip-closed padded outer
- inside extra mesh pockets that are perfect for standard PADI dive tables as well as pen holders, a wrist lanyard, ribbon place marker, credit card pockets, and a velcro pocket.
- an extra pocket on the outside to hold useful extras (such as you very own log book stamp)
- large black 3-ring format which can hold 5 packs of logs (125 sheets of paper).
- larger ergonomic zip pulls for ease of opening.
- double stitching on all zips and main seams.

Whilst not as compact as our smaller binder it is still made from the same tough but light materials and so it weighs just 273 grams (10 ounces) and this increases to 375 grams (13 ounces) with the included page protectors.

Each binder comes with integrated black page protectors as standard (shown in some of the product images), but obviously not with any of the space pens, log packs, and stamps used in the pictures!

To go with the binder we can also provide a set of plastic card holders for all your certification cards.

Make sure that you choose 'Standard Binder' size pages to fit this binder. All of our different log pages are available at this size (unless indicated otherwise). More info on the page sizes we sell and compatibility with binders can be found here.