Standard 3-ring Dive Log Archive Binder

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Holds 150 3-ring sized pages
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If you dive a lot, then after a while you will be looking for a solution for all the log pages you have filling up your binder. In particular, the Standard 3-ring binder will be getting pretty full with 100 pages (around 4 packs of logs).

Because of this we have developed a high quality and professional archiving solution to help you keep your excess pages organised and together.

The binder is made from high quality PVC with front and side pockets that have dedicated inserts for you to record the dive number and dates of that particular archive. Each Archive can easily hold over 150 pages (equivalent to 6 packs of logs). The ring mechanism is of very high quality with easy open push tabs at each end.

This archive binder is designed for pages that fit the Standard 3-ring binder - other 3-ring log pages will also fit - more info here on the page sizes we sell.

If you need an archive binder for your compact DiveLogs 6-ring pages (also BSAC, SSI, and personal organiser sizes) then check out our DiveLogs 6-ring Archive Binder.