Scuba Diving Accessory: Dry Pack (Dry Pak) for valuables and phones

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Dry Pak Document Case
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Dry Pak PDA/GPS Case
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If you need to keep valuables or documents dry in wet environments then waterproof Dry Packs are just what you need on your next scuba diving holiday.

All our Dry Pack products have cam lock clips on top that hermetically seal out water, sand and dust. Simply twist the knobs upwards to open; twist back down to seal. It's that simple! All cases are securely ultrasonically welded to the top clips, so there are no parts to lose. Please note that these are guaranteed for surface use only.

The large document case version measures 23cm (9 inches) wide by 35cm (14 inches) on the outside with a usable maximum circumfrence of the item being put in of 40cm (16 inches). Perfect for documents, manuals, snacks and books. It is made from clear heavy gauge vinyl.

The PDA/GPS Case is made from clear TPU on the front and padded blue TPU on the back. TPU is a hi-tech thermo-plastic-polyurethane. It's approximately 10 times stronger than vinyl and has incredible resistance to hot and cold temperatures. Sounds transmit through TPU with less than 5% loss of volume, making it the perfect choice for phone cases.

On the PDA/GPS Case you get a handy stylus holder so you can use your PDA whilst protected. Additionally, you get a belt hook Caribeener made from anodised aluminium and a neck lanyard. The maximum circumfrence for any item is 20cm (8 inches).