Sink the Stink Wetsuit and Dry Suit Deodoriser

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Sink the Stink® is a natural, environmentally friendly, state of the art product, specifically formulated for the diving, surfing and water sports community. Sink the Stink biologically eliminates the odors commonly found in neoprene wet suits, BCDs and dive skins, including urine, mildew and other gnarly smells.

Sink the Stink is packaged in convenient, sturdy, pre-measured plastic Turtle Paks, and 4 oz. bottles. Sink the Stink is ready to use. Dispense 1/2 oz. from the 4 oz. bottle, or twist open a Turtle Pak and squeeze the contents into 10 to 20 gallons of warm water (A quarter to half filled bath tub). Mix thoroughly. Immerse wet suits, booties, skins, BCDs and other gear in Sink the Stink, making sure that all surfaces are thoroughly saturated. Most odors will disappear immediately! Soak for 5 to 10 minutes while agitating the equipment occasionally. An overnight soak will take care of really tough odors and stains.

When ready, simply drain and hang the items to dry. Do not rinse again in fresh water. The biological odor reducing activity will continue until the material is completely dry. Travelling? Items may be packed wet or damp and will arrive odor free! 10-20 gallons of working solution will treat 10 or more sets of dive gear including wetsuits, BCDs, etc. Discard the solution when the water becomes noticeably dirty, after final use, or within 24 hours of mixing.

Sink the Stink is a synergistic mixture of four special odor destroying bacteria cultures which are kept in a state of suspended animation while packaged in their Turtle Pak or bottle. Sink the Stink has a long shelf life and can be safely stored in temperatures ranging from 35F to 120F, without any detrimental effects.

Sink the Stink forms a bio-film that penetrates deep into neoprene, eliminating urine and other contaminants absorbed under pressure. This deep cleaning is impossible with shampoos and cleaners used at one atmosphere. When the Sink the Stink bacillus have done their job, they quietly expire leaving behind a thoroughly clean environment.

Sink the Stink is a 100% natural biodegradable, hypo-allergenic product. It is non toxic and contains no harsh chemicals. Sink the Stink is completely safe for all materials used in diving, surfing and other water sports, including neoprene, Polartec, nylon and silicone. Sink the Stink can be discarded without fear of contaminating our fragile marine environment. The PVC Turtle Paks and polyethylene bottles can be completely recycled, and should be properly disposed of.

For more information visit the Sink the Stink home page here.