Roll over Dry Bag with quick release seal

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Small blue dry bag
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Medium red dry bag
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Large yellow dry bag
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Keep your kit dry on the boat or the beach with these easy to use dry bags, just roll the top a few times and snap the buckles together.

These bags are made from a durable RF-Welded tri laminate.

We sell three sizes, a small blue, a medium red, and a large yellow bag.

The blue is a small personal sized bag that will take you log book, and other small personal items (think of a medium to large handbag when full).

Dimensions after closing are: 9 inches diameter (23cm) by 16 inches high (40cm).

The red medium bag is a bit larger at 11 inches diameter (28cm) by 19 inches high (48cm) perfect if you need a bit more space.

The large yellow bag is a lot larger at 12 inches diameter (30cm) by 27 inches high (68cm).