Waterproof Central and Eastern Pacific Fish ID

The ultimate in fish identification while scuba diving, our waterproof fish id dive log refills help you get the most from your dive. These are our set for the Central and Eastern Pacific Ocean.

This is the exact same subset of common marine life you should expect to see in the Central and Eastern Pacific, that we have in our dive log binder version.

But, with two big changes: It is fully waterproof and ready to go on your next dive. And, the species information has a tweaked design to work better underwater (we remove the distribution map and latin name and double up the number of species per page).

Within the Pacific Ocean it covers Micronesia (including Palau and Guam), Polynesia, Hawaii, and the western coastline of the Americas (including the Gulf of California and the Galapagos).

The set includes details for 208 different species, including fish, sharks and rays, marine mammals, reptiles, crustaceans, and marine invertibrates.

There are two versions: One has an integrated sightings and notes section right underneath each species info box so you can take notes underwater as you see the fish. The other version does not have this but instead uses the saved space to increase the number of species per page.

The refill packs are designed to fit our patent pending compact wet notes system. It takes just a few moments to quickly change the packs using the reusable spiral binder, so you just need one binder and can use multiple refills. You can find more information on how this works here.

We sell the refills separately, or as a special reduced price pack with the 3mm wet notes backing slate, standard sized reusable spiral coil, and cover page.

For comparison, when loaded into the wet notes binder, these are equivalent to the Micronesia Fish Card, Hawaii Fish Card, and Baja California Fish Card combined with a dive slate. But, with more species, a lot of extra information, and in a more compact usable form.

We print these on tear proof 150 micron plastic and they are completely waterproof.

The set contains 28 pages (14 sheets) for the version with sightings, and 24 pages (12 sheets) for the non-sightings version. For all the information included, the set is still a compact thickness at 2mm.

Also included is our specially developed visual identification index. Using just a few simple cues such as species type (fish, reptile, shark etc.), the size, and the tail type, you can quickly narrow down the list of species it could be. Adding in any special markings such as stripes, bands of colour or spots etc, can narrow it down further. You can see this in one of the product images above.

Each species listing is packed full of usefull information such as water columns showing typical depths, size gauges, and info icons.

The info icons are arranged in four types. Locations, Alliances, Activities, and Characters.

Locations show you where you should expect to find the species, alliances indicate whether they are solitary or they form pairs or groups or schools, activities highlights what they typically get up to, and characters shows you any special behaviours you should look out for.