Florida Wreck Trail Wet Notes

Take Peter Collings decades of diving experience with you underwater as you dive the iconic Florida Wreck Trail.

Imagine dropping down to the Spiegel Grove with these in your hands!

This is the exact same collection of information on the Florida Wreck Trail, that we have in our dive log binder versions.

But, it is fully waterproof and ready to go on your next dive.

This set covers the famous wrecks on the Florida Wreck Trail, a massive effort of purpose sunk wrecks that have been built up over the years to create a string of artificial reefs in the Florida Keys.

It contains a wealth of information on each one that comes from Peter Collings experience of diving these wrecks.

In this collection, you have detailed scuba diving and historical knowledge on the iconic wrecks such as the Spielgel Grove, Duane, General Hoyt S Vandenburg. Alongside them are lesser known gems, all written up in fascinating detail.

This is the full list of 11 wrecks: USCG Cutter Bibb, US Spiegel Grove, USCG Cutter Duane, Hannah M Bell, SS Benwood, MV Aaron K (Eagle Wreck), Thunderbolt, MV Adolphus Busch, USNS General Hoyt S Vandenberg, Cayman Salvage Master, and USS Amesbury..

This content is a specially edited and distilled extraction from Peter's famous series of e-books. Peter will not rest until he knows everything he can about a wreck, and this shows in the historical notes that accompany each wreck.

Alongside the history is Peters dive notes and his experience of getting the best from each wreck. As an avid photographer he also shares where the best shots can be found.

The refill packs are designed to fit our patented compact wet notes system. It takes just a few moments to quickly change the packs using the reusable spiral binder, so you just need one binder and can use multiple refills. You can find more information on how this works here.

They will also fit our Multiflex notes system if you want a really compact waterproof notebook. Just like our wetnotes this system uses our patented quick change coil binder so you can quickly change packs.

We sell the refills separately, or we have a couple of special recuded price pack options where they come loaded into a wet notes binder or a Multiflex binder.

We print these on tear proof 150 micron synthetic paper and they are completely waterproof.

The set contains 22 pages (11 sheets). For all the information included, the set is still a compact thickness at 1.5mm and will fit in the 3mm thick wet note and micro slates with the standard sized spiral. If you have the heavy duty 5mm thick backing slate the high capacity spiral should be just right.

Also included alongside the wreck information is an index page of common information and an overview map of the wreck locations.