Nature (table focused) dive log refill

A dive log for scuba divers who use dive tables to work out their dive profile and want to include details about the fish life they have encountered. Available in packs of 25 pages to fit 3-ring and 6-ring dive log binders.
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25 Loose Leaf Refills
Standard Binder / Metric / Standard Paper / Black and White Print
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Designed for scuba divers who do not yet own a dive computer and who use tables (like the PADI recreational planner) to work out their dive profile after the dive and want to include lots of details about the experience and the nature life they have encountered. You get extra space to allow you to work out a multi-level dive.

The design spreads across both the front and back of the page so in a refill pack of 25 pages you get 25 dives.

Available for Standard 3-ring binders (such as the PADI Adventure log) at 140mm wide by 203mm high (5 1/2 inches wide by 8 inches high), our own DiveLogs 6-ring binder at 118mm wide by 188 mm high (4 5/8 inches wide by 7 3/8 inches high), and 6-ring Personal Organisers at 96mm wide by 172mm high (3 3/4 inches wide by 6 3/4 inches high). More info on the page sizes can be found here.

Optional upgrades include full colour printing and Rite in the Rain paper to get a totally water repellant log book page (more info on this here).

Of course, if this is not enough choice for you or you wish you could design your own custom log book then take a look at our Log Designer Service...