Dive Log Refills and BooksWaterproof Wreck Logs

Each set contains the most iconic and lesser known wrecks in local collections.

The ultimate in wreck information while scuba diving, our waterproof wreck wet notes help you get the most from your dive.

Using our wet notes system or Multiflex system, simply change the refill set as you change your diving destination.

With space for your notes and sightings


There when you need it
While diving underwater, in your hand! A lot of information about each wreck
One system, multiple refills
Designed for our patented wet notes system, with quick change of your refills from dive to dive.
Fully waterproof info and notes
Printed on tearproof 150 micron synthetic paper, for long lasting waterproof use, time after time. Use as a reference or take notes underwater.


Northern Red Sea Wreck Wetnotes
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Florida Wreck Trail Wet Notes
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