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Northern Red Sea Wreck Notes
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2020 sees a new special addition to the DiveLogs system - Peter Collings Wreck Notes!

Now you can take Peter's decades of wreck diving experience with you in your dive log binder with our wreck note pages.

Each collection holds a range of detailed historical and diving information on a set of iconic and lesser known wrecks.

Starting with the Northern Red Sea, the next collections currently in development are for the Southern Red Sea and Florida, then we will expand to the Maldives, Truk Lagoon, Malta, and Scapa Flow.

Each collection is printed on very high quality glossy card which makes the pictures and details pin sharp and vibrant.

Each wreck has space next to it for you to record notes from your own dives.

We also have fully waterproof versions of these if you want to take Peter's knowledge with you on your next dive!