Why are we the best Dive Log?Quality

We believe that to produce exceptional quality, you have to own and deliver as much of the design, production, and order fulfillment as possible!

We Design

A winning fusion of the best ideas from us and our customers

Everything from our website, to our dive log designs, to our binders, to our patent pending new products are designed by us, with a close attention to detail. We do not outsource if at all possible.

And we always listen to our customers! Feedback on existing products and new ideas has kept us on our toes and improving from year to year.

We Make

The first step in your order involves us reaching for the raw materials!

We have the latest print technology at hand. From digital presses, laser engravers, and direct substrate printing.

Anything that does not meet our high standards is instantly rejected.

A typical bespoke order could contain a range of complex items.

Maybe you would like a binder, a few packs of custom designed logs and a set of personalised tabbed dividers to keep them organised. Or a dive stamp, and maybe a custom dive slate.

We will create every bespoke item within a maximum 3 day production window, using our own advanced printing technology and a lot of print finishing skills.

And most of the stock items we sell are produced on the same equipment by the same people.

We do not compromise on final product quality - rejecting anything that does not meet our high standards. This is bespoke quality for your scuba diving memories!

We Pack and Ship

With the best packing materials possible so we can use less of them.

The same people who make your products, put your order together and pack it ready for shipment.

End to end ownership means a consistent high quality attention to everything about your order.