Make it yoursScuba Gear ID Tags

Our ScubaTags are perfect hard wearing scuba gear id tags. Small and tough in red, blue, yellow, green and black colour options.

Originally developed for scuba divers who want to mark their gear, their strength and custom design mean they are now used in so many different ways.

Designed to last - we know of gear that has been lost at sea and reunited with the owner years later, ScubaTags still attached!

Designed to last, whether underwater, in the field, or on your back.

Originally developed as a permanent highly visual marker of your gear - a ScubaTag on your BCD quickly means no more mix ups on the boat!

But, as you can put any text or layout you want on the tag they can also be used in so many other ways.

Super hard wearing luggage tags. Emergency medical alert tags (don't forget to put your DAN number on!). Diver down (in the water) systems. Scuba tank refill tags and Dive Centre Gear Tags. Outdoor all weather markers (geocaching and field/military).

Anything you can think of can be engraved on the tags.

Small and Tough

Indelibly Laser engraved with your design on exterior grade UV Stable plastic.

Each scuba gear id tag comes with a stainless steel split ring and coloured cable tie or choose a mini lanyard for a strong but snag resisting connection.

Our Scubatags are very tough and can take a beating. We have had cases of dive gear being washed up on beaches and being reunited with the owner years later because of the information on the tag.

Our laser engraver physically etches away the colour surface to create your gear tag. The surface would have to be practically destroyed to remove the information.

Each scuba gear tag is smaller than a credit card at 63mm by 38mm (2.5 by 1.5 inches) and 3mm thick (1/10 of an inch).

Quick and Easy Design

Start from one of our templates and modify text, fonts, logos, boxes. Simply drag things around.

Our easy to use designer lets you put any text on your scuba gear tag, and anything can be dragged into position and modified with lots of choices on fonts and sizes.

We have templates to help you get started with tags for scuba gear, in the water safety, luggage, medical id tags, and dive center gear marking.

Special Features

Leave your personal info off with our anonymous contact service and we'll reunite you with your gear if someone contacts us.

Add a sequential number to automatically get numbered sets.

Use our free contact service and leave your personal information off the tag. If your gear is found with the ScubaTag still attached and they contact us, we'll let you know and help reunite you with your stuff.

Perfect for Dive Center gear marking with unique IDs, you can add a sequential number onto any tag. All your regulators, BCDs and scuba tanks can be marked up. Add your dive center details and logos to make a professional gear marking system.

Bulk Buy Discounts

Perfect for Clubs and Dive Shops who want to label their gear. Automatic discounts are applied in the shopping cart based on the total amount you buy (can be different designs)

Buy 10 and save 10%

Buy 20 and save 20%

Buy 50 and save 30%

Buy 100 and save 40%

Our scubatag bulk buy discounts are applied across every tag and quantity in your shopping cart.

So mix it up with multiple scuba gear id tags and the shopping cart will calculate the discounted price automatically.