Why are we the best Dive Log?Trust

We prefer happy customers!

How we do Customer Service

We think of it as Customer Trust - something beyond service.

One of DiveLogs founding principles was to do customer service differently. It is our belief that if we get this right, you will trust us now, and in the future.

We personally check every order for consistency and errors and will get in touch to fix mistakes before shipping. We are not afraid to tell you to save your money even if it means we lose your business. We always prefer that you are getting what you really need!

100% Ownership of your experience

We take responsibility for ensuring that everything is OK.

We do not tend to sell our products through third parties. Indeed, a lot of our bespoke items would be impossible.

But there is another reason - we want you to hammer on our door if something goes wrong - not someone elses.

We have a great reputation for delivering great products, but we are proud to have an even better reputation at fixing problems if they occur.

Why we are still here

Any business is only as good as it's returning customers think it is - and we are no exception!

We start with great products, but aim to finish with you having a great experience.

If we focus on your needs and get it right, we hope we will see you again.

We do not think of you as just this order but all the times we may be able to help you in the future.

Some of our earliest customers are still with us 15 years later - and they are just as important now as they were then!