ReusableWet Notes

In 2018 we invented a new wet note refill system that reduces waste, improves functionality, and is cheaper to maintain. Fast and easy changes to your wet notes system are now possible, even from dive to dive!

We have a range of specially designed waterproof refills for any kind of scuba diving - Recreational, Instructors, Technical, Wreck, Explorer Divers, and worldwide fish identification pages. Or you can even design your own.

The whole system is modular and also designed to be compatible with existing wet notes folders.

Wet Notes Reinvented

In 2018 we invented a new wet notes system.

It contains all the things you expect as standard: waterproof and tearproof tough pages, but there the similarities stop.

Our new patent pending reusable spiral binder opens up a world of possibilities!

A refill based wet note system reduces waste, improves functionality, and is cheaper to maintain.

Waterproof Refills For Everyone

If you want to write underwater or take waterproof notes with you, we have you covered.

We have a new high contrast design template ideal for underwater use, and a range of stock designs to meet your needs.

Everything from recreational dive notes, scuba instructor training (with students progress), technical dive profile plans, contingency deco plans, or wreck exploration notes, and map drawing underwater.

We also have a special range of fish id regional packs, both with and without space for your sightings.

Our waterproof refills are printed on heavyweight 170 micron polyester that are waterproof, tearproof, and ready for hard use.

Make changes - quickly and simply

Fast and Easy changes of your waterproof refills from dive to dive

Using DiveLogs Reusable Spiral Binder System
1. Disengage spiral.
Using DiveLogs Reusable Spiral Binder System
2. Unwind the spiral.
Using DiveLogs Reusable Spiral Binder System
3. Setup new refills.
Using DiveLogs Reusable Spiral Binder System
4. Line up spiral.
Using DiveLogs Reusable Spiral Binder System
5. Wind spiral back.
Using DiveLogs Reusable Spiral Binder System
6. Re-engage spiral.

At the heart of our new wet notes system is our quick change spiral binder, taking just moments to easily change your refills and accessories.

This brings some great benefits:

Mix and match from our range of refills, buy just the ones you need, and make sure you only take what is necessary for your next dive - make your wet notes work for you.

No more throwing away unwanted pages or hard plastic backing boards, and definitely no more copying of your wet notes into a new book!

No Single Use Plastics

Every component in our wet notes system is designed to be multi-use, even the pages.

Our wet notes are a great example of our drive to reduce or eliminate the single use of plastics.

Every part of the system is modular and designed to work together so you can swap components and reuse.

By moving to a refill based system, you reduce the quantity of pages you need - so we have small pack sizes and even a special pick and mix combo pack in our designer!

Even the pages are multi-use - use an eraser to get them ready for the next dive (for best results: we recommend our pencil and a modern plastic eraser).

You should be using these pages again and again - serious savings for you and a dramatic reduction in plastic use.

Design your own

How far could you take our designers?

Going beyond our stock designs, even more is possible!

Design your own pages in our log designer and we will print them for you (including your own uploaded images or PDFs).

The log designer also has a special combo pack feature where you can create a multiple set of designs in a single pack - more savings less waste.

Or really get under the hood and design your own backing slate and cover page for a truly bespoke design!

As well as the standard page size (96mm wide by 172mm high), in the designers you also get access to two more page sizes for special projects where more space is needed.

One system - so many uses

Dive Notes, Deco Plans, Reef Surveys, Fish ID, Buddy Comms, Training Notes and Briefs, Cave Diving Plans.

But not just for divers! First Responders, Safety Workers, Researchers, Field Workers, Swimming Instructors.

So many possibilities exist for this new way to take waterproof notes or info with you. And it is not just for Scuba Divers!

Adaptable to your needs

We have different backing slates for different needs

Have an existing Cordura wallet? - use our micro slate to get all the benefits of our refill system in your existing setup.

Want a standalone system? - then our backing slates are available with and without an integrated pencil.

Or, if you just need to take waterproof information with you in a super compact form, then our micro slate is perfect for this. A classic example is a build your own fish id note book!

Compatible Modular Design

Everything at the same page size just works seamlessly together.

Because the whole system is designed from the ground up to work together, you can swap components to meet your changing needs.

Doing a reef survey? - use the integrated pencil slate. Going snorkelling? - move to the micro slate and fish id refills. Doing a technical dive? - prepare your deco plan and swap it into your cordura folder before the dive.

Want more space? - swap to a higher capacity coil.

Only get what you need and then add to it later as your diving experience changes, everything will still work.